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Save money and extend your carpet’s life with professional stretching  services from A Better Carpet & Floor Service.

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As soon as you see carpet ripples or buckling or waves in your carpet, call A Better Carpet & Floor Service.


 We pull up three sides of the room, leaving the last side in place to act as an anchor. We will power stretch the carpet making sure it is taunt and trim the excess carpet. We will move your furniture all we ask is that you remove items that may fall off the tops.

See the difference professional carpet stretching can make! We’ll eliminate unsightly wrinkles, restore snug edges, and create a smooth, welcoming surface you’ll love and give you a lifetime warranty. Imagine hosting guests with confidence on a carpet that looks brand new!

Benefits Of Carpet Stretching:

Save Money: Avoid costly carpet replacement with affordable stretching and repair.
Extend Carpet Life: Give your carpet years of additional wear and tear.
Improve Appearance: Eliminate unsightly wrinkles, ripples, and bumps for a flawless look.
Increase Safety: Prevent tripping hazards caused by loose carpets.
Professional Service: Experienced and certified technicians ensure quality results.
Fast & Efficient: Get your carpets looking like new in no time.
Free Estimates: No obligation to get a quote for your specific needs.


How do i know if i need a professional to stretch my carpet in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta, and surrounding areas?
Excessive slack or movement of the carpet, when you walk across it, is an indication you need carpet stretching. If you see lumps, waves or bubbles in your carpet that is a sure sign that your carpets need re-stretching. Carpet stretching saves you from replacement. Also, a tight taut carpet is much easier to clean. You will get better cleaning results when the carpet is tight and free of buckles. A raised buckled carpet is also an unsafe trip hazard.
What causes these “waves” “buckles” or “bumps” in my carpet?

The main reason waves and buckles appear is substandard carpet installation. Knee kickers are being used to install carpet which is the improper way to install according to carpet manufacturers’ recommendations.

What Is Carpet Re-Stretching Service?

Carpet stretching service is the process of pulling your carpet tight with a tool called a power stretcher. Then the carpet is re-secured around the perimeter. The same tack strips installed by the original installer will hold the carpet in place. If damaged they should be replaced.

What are the consequences of ignoring the need for carpet re-stretching in Atlanta and surrounding areas?

When a relaxed, buckled carpet is not stretched it will eventually lead to permanent damage to carpet fibers. In addition the risk of de-lamination and splitting of the carpet backing which is considered permanent damage.

Can’t you just kick the bubbles out of the carpet with a knee kicker?

No using a knee kicker only may be the reason waves and buckles developed in your carpet. Today’s carpet should only be installed (or re-stretched) via the use of a “power stretcher”. This is because a power stretcher uses leverage to stretch the carpet backing to render a flat, tight carpet.

What do you charge for carpet restretching in Atlanta and surrounding areas?

All carpet stretching repair jobs are not the same. Example: Some jobs may have multiple angles and doorways that have to be taken into consideration. Our technicians will provide you with an exact quote before performing your service. However, we do have a $175.00 minimum for carpet stretching.

What type of warranty comes with a carpet stretching service?

Our carpet stretching warranty is for the lifetime of the carpet, excluded if defective. A carpet technician can go over the specific details of your warranty, answering  additional questions you may have.

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