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We love our pets and they are a big part of our daily lives. But they have the tendency to leave behind unwelcome odors in our homes. If this odor is not addressed promptly, it can create greater problems. Performing carpet cleaning regularly helps keep odors under control.

It's important to realize that even the best kept home can smell like the pets that reside in the home. This is because pets usually spend most or all of their time on the ground, and the oil from their body is left on the flooring, as well as their hair. Over time this smell saturates the carpeting, leaving a scent that is not only unpleasant to most but can be embarrassing if you have company.

A Better Carpet & Floor Service recommends three ways to treat pet odor:

1. Minor Odor Treatment- Enzymes, which are formulated for chemically sensitive people and safe your family. The enzyme is sprayed on each urine spot before cleaning to absorb (eat) the urine bacteria. Since this is a surface treatment for your carpet this procedure will help reduce odor but is not intended on removing severe odor.   If you can smell the odor when you walk in the room, this would not be considered a minor odor. This procedure will help reduce or control the problem, not eliminate it. Minor pet odor is usually smelled if you are on your hands and knees or on a humid day.

2. Moderate Odor Treatment- Water claw sub surface extraction. With this process, we saturate the spot so the cleaning agent reaches into the padding. We then use the “water claw” sub surface extractor to pull the urine out. This process will reduce the odor significantly, but may or may not completely cure severe problems. Moderate odor treatment is not guaranteed. The “water claw” procedure is priced by the spot.

3. Major Odor Treatment- Carpet is pulled up and padding discarded. The carpet is thoroughly cleaned on both sides with an application of enzyme that neutralizes the urine. Before reinstalling the carpet and installation of new pad the sub floor should be cleaned, disinfected and sealed. This procedure should correct any major pet urine problem.

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Pet Mistake on Carpet
Pet Mistake on Carpet

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