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Get ground in dirt out of your tile and grout.

If you've ever had tile and grout in your home or business you know how difficult it is to keep thoroughly clean.  Regular mopping, along with the use of at-home tile and grout cleaners is simply not enough to do the job right, In fact, some of these products actually leave a film on the surface causing your floors to look old and dull.

Grout and many types of tile are porous. Millions of little holes, divots, and other surface features, which trap dirt and debris, causing your beautiful tile work to become  dark and dull over time.  The best way to make sure your grout is cleaned safely and effectively is to call A Better Carpet and Floor Service. We can clean your grout so that it is looks like it did when your floors, bathrooms and other tiled surfaces were new.

Clean it with Pressurized Hot Water Extraction.

Restore your grout and tile to their original condition with our revolutionary steam cleaning process. We blast high pressure steam into tile and grout while simultaneously  extracting the water, dirt and grease. Your tile will look like new, and your grout will be transformed to its original color.

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